Linksys wireless validating identity

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TP-Link is one of the best routers available in this professional market.

It holds its position due to its exceptional features and superior connectivity.

The cost difference often isn't worth the labor you throw at those things.

Another reason to spend the money is ease of management.

How about having the APs automatically adjust their own gain to adapt to current usage and environment?

These are the types of things that typically can only be done with enterprise grade wireless APs and controllers. Only you can look at that and determine if it's worth it to invest in more expensive equipment.

We are in a typical cubible environment for the most part with offices on the outer walls.

The final reason to spend the money on the enterprise APs is for features. Do you want clients to be able to roam across APs while staying on the same VLAN?Visit Stack Exchange I've just started testing wireless for our building, we plan to implement it across the board this fiscal year.Currently we have no wireless except in our IT area (DSL for outside testing).I've borrowed a Cisco LAP1142N AP from a friend that works in another sister organization, they have these and had an extra.I've plugged it in and it talks to their controller just fine, etc.

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