Learning about group policy and updating administrative templates

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PSTDisable Grow prevents new data being added to existing PST files, and Disable PST prevents users creating or opening PST files altogether.Table – PST Restriction Registry Values Note: The registry paths are specific to Outlook versions “12.0” refers to Outlook 2007, the registry path for Outlook 2003 would be “…\Office.0\Outlook” and so on.In an environment where PST files already exist, these settings can be applied separately or together to phase out their use.The first step could be to implement restrictions on the growth of PST files using PSTDisable Grow which would allow users to access existing data but not allow it to be added to.It is possible to use Exchange Group Policy settings to limit the use of PST files, and thereby alleviate some of the difficulties they cause.Outlook Personal Folder Files (PST files) are a data store that can be used by all versions of Outlook to store e-mail data.In the services window that opens, find out windows update service and stop/start it as per your choice.So, use these steps mentioned above to disable windows 10 automatic updates and let me know if these methods worked for you.

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If the PSTDisable Grow setting is implemented users will still be able to create and open PST files, but they will not be able to add any data to any PST files.

Subsequently, all PST file use could be disabled by implementing Disable PST.

In a new Exchange environment, or one where PST files are not used (and the Exchange administrator wants to keep it that way), the Disable PST setting can be applied on its own to stop users being able to add PST files to Outlook.

Outlook PST files are a problem for Exchange users, and give no benefits over Exchange mailboxes.

You have to use them on a local drive, they are difficult to back up, and tricky for the administrator to manage.

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