Latest sites for sex

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EDIT April 2019: I have updated my list of favorite sites! Most porn we have access to today is simply a parody of itself.

So you’ll find the classics and some new discoveries. It mutated into an exaggeration, a collective of stereotypes showing sex as this mechanical, degrading act between robots of flesh and blood.

It’s not also easy to shoot porn here and these guys play a big part in the altporn community.

She shoots all kinds of scenes but all focus on the natural and a lot of her films feature real couples.

Who enjoys watching people having sex on screen is not actually a question of gender.

I started diving into the world of porn about five or six years ago so needless to say I went through a LOT of content online, browsing for stuff that actually turned me on.

Anna shoots her own adult short films, focusing on women and couples.

While she is personally involved in each and every scene, she also works with several authors to come up with original scripts.

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