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And postpartum me in 1999, weeping for apparently no reason in the middle of the night as I sat on a sofa-size maxi-pad and rocked my crying newborn, Luke, while feeling utterly and terrifyingly alone. So this once-devout Catholic stopped going to church because it was inconvenient.

If you ask me today what I truly love, I can easily tell you I love God, my family, my friends, fireworks displays, a good red wine, staying up late with a mystery novel, a sweaty run, painting abstract art, indulging my organizational compulsions, laughing until no sound comes out and taking my time. Between my husband's seven-day training schedule and the impossibility of my attending solo with twin infants and a rowdy toddler in a cathedral with a Latin mass and no nursery, I gave up.

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I remember being a bride of two weeks, writing thank-you notes and pondering the strange ache in my heart as I grieved for my old name and independent self.Soon I was joyfully sporting an engagement ring with a hefty rock the size of my dilated pupil in a darkroom.I was so enamored with my new stature as part of a couple that I paid more attention to my left hand than to readying my heart for the journey ahead.The eventuality mates wrapped their arms around each as Hansen flaunted her diamond ring.A phenomenal smile on their faces can describe their happiness which is so crystal clear in the picture. The newly engaged couple share two children together. And at the time, I was like, ‘I’ve got to go do what?

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