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Honestly, I'm surprised that the extremely good natured Konnie didn't start beating interviewers about the head with a copy of the book she slaved over.There are so many questions they could have asked her, about her career, about Blue Peter, about feminism, about being a British-Muslim woman in 2019, or simply about writing a book.

Konnie started her career as a reporter for children’s programme In December 1997, she was hired to host the children’s television programme Blue Peter by the BBC.Konnie Huq is mainly known for her work in children's literature as she highlights the importance of learning through the adventures of a young Bangladeshi girl named Cookie Haque.Since her Blue Peter days, the presenter has worked on various television series and radio programmes including The Xtra Factor, King of Nerds and The One Show.They have two children together named Covey and Huxley.Charlie was born in Berkshire on March 3, 1971, which makes him 41 years old.

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