Kerry rhodes dating

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Yet, stand-up remains her first passion because she finds it extremely cathartic to connect with hundreds of people and make them laugh in unison.Some very racy photos that are allegedly of Kerry Rhodes found their way on the internet and all they did was make me mad.In case you don’t feel like sifting through a couple hundreds comments, I’d like to bring you up to speed.According to a member of BA who claims to be close to the situation, Kerry Rhodes is engaged (to a woman) and set to get married this summer.

If Kerry does plan to marry a beard this June, you guys have got to do a better job of coming up with her background story.The woman has yet to be named but is said to be a model who is “drama free” and prefers to “stay out of the lime light”.Another person who also claims to be close to the situation says that she is a “corporate chick from DC” that does not “live off of him” or “prefer to be a Baller’s wife”.In fact, Kerry is a great player and any team who’s more interested in WINNING will not concern themselves with who he has sex with. You’re partial to Terry Crews’ character in White Chicks, you send Braylon Edwards winky faces on Twitter and you were a gay cop in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video. Let’s be honest, any man who is concerned about where Kerry’s d*ck has been is likely gay himself.

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