Juniper backdating

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On-demand EOL/EOS/EOE reports are created showing the currently deployed network inventory.

These reports typically include device, announcement details, last software engineering support, last hardware engineering support, and replacement product information.

The AI-Scripts only activate when an event is detected, so they don’t interfere with system processes.

When activated, the AI-Scripts perform essential support tasks such as capturing required diagnostic data.

Proactive notification to significantly reduce the time spent by the operations manager for bug review and provide immediate impact analysis to Juniper TAC and the operations team in case of critical bugs identified as risk to the network operations.

Automated Incident Management Junos Space Service Now simplifies the tasks associated with incident management with just a few clicks.

This permits a substantial reduction in time spent by the operations team in managing the environment, while also reducing time spent in resolving issues.

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Integrated Support Implementing AI-Scripts gives Junos-based products the ability to detect and respond to more than 470 events.

Reporting can also be consolidated by device or group of devices.

Service Now provides tools that allow you to empower your network operations staff by accessing specific troubleshooting information from Juniper and managing staff workload based on case activity.

Juniper Care Services provide rapid response from Juniper Networks’ technical service engineers and hardware replacement options that let you choose the right timing and resources for your network needs.

Juniper Care increases your operational effectiveness and lowers operational costs by utilizing Juniper Networks® Junos® Space Service Now to reduce the time for problem identification and diagnostics.

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