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He was very proud of all of his accomplishments throughout his career.Ray’s ability to excel in his career was due to his willingness to travel out of town, to take on some very difficult projects that had to be taken on without a lot of support, and his own desire to succeed and do an exceptional job.

And they're finding the going tough because they're novices.Ray Quitiquit, affectionately known as RQ joined the Union on March 17, 1958 and was immediately dispatched to Collins Electrical Company, Inc. Ray was the very first minority electrician in San Joaquin Valley and probably all of California.After serving his apprenticeship he rose very quickly from Apprentice to Journeyman to Foreman to General Foreman and finally to Branch Manager, Modesto Branch Manager and finally Vice President of Special Projects.He hit the ground running because he was doing what he had been doing for years, but on a smaller scale.He took to reviewing estimates with pleasure even to the point that many called them “Q” cuts, meaning he would cut the hours knowing he could manage those cuts.

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