Iranian girl photo album

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Iran was first unified by the Medes in 625 BC, after which Iran (known as Persia) developed into the largest empire of its time.

In 632 AD Iran was conquered by the Arabs and Islamised.

The content of most albums are similar, an endless flow of snapshots taken in 1980s or even at the beginning of the 1990s of family gatherings with birthday cakes for the newborn children or growing up in the newly founded Islamic Republic of Iran.

The yellowed albums and the pictures of smiling children dressed up in their best clothes are testament to our hopes and dreams, ending in blank pages when we grew up and our parents stopped taking our pictures.

At 5610m mount Damavand is the country's highest peak.

This is your chance to connect with that individual.She manages to capture the full picture of contemporary Iran.Tavakolian mixes artistic creation and journalism with dexterity, starting from a shot of a family photo album to deftly, but unambiguously, chronicle middle class life.Iran is a large country in southwest Asia with an area 1648000 sq. bordering to the south with the Persian gulf and to the north with the Caspian sea.Its territory is mostly mountaineous, with only a few plains in the coastal areas.

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