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Instead, they’re constantly questioned for their blunt, sensible attitude. According to Trunk, “INTJ women don’t need a lot of the things out of a relationship that a traditional relationship provides.

“If I were a dude, my workplace wouldn’t care about my demeanor and personality being the way it is,” one told me. They aren’t going to take care of all their partner’s emotional needs, and they tend to be goal-oriented and financially independent.

Most INTJ women aren’t “warm” the way women are expected to be, and they’re rarely the emotional partner in any relationship.

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They have emotional needs, too, and they want to feel loved and cared for, just like anyone else.She also has one of the largest followings of female INTJ readers of any blogger in the world.Trunk got those readers because she gives INTJs exactly what we want: blunt, no-nonsense answers.I talked with Trunk about the difficulties that INTJ women face.(What’s your personality type?Take a free personality test.)Trunk said that INTJ women are right to feel like they don’t fit in — because they often don’t.

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