Internet dating slang meanings

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The most common method is sending a random “Heyy” text.

Click on a letter above to see the corresponding slang terms and their definitions. Slang terms that are a more common meaning or are also real words in themselves can be found on the rejected slang dictionary as well.

This can alternatively be when you mistakenly like something from 2012 on someone's Instagram and immediately wish there was a back button for real life. This is when you and the person you're in a situationship with have what was previously known as "The Talk" about what you're actually doing together.

Ghosting (v): When someone disappears out of a relationship without a word.

Can also refer to a dude doing a good deed only to impress you.

Uninspired banter or small talk with a dating-app match that pretty much goes nowhere, doesn’t really appeal to either party, and fails to encourage a date.

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