I am dating a nigerian man

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On the downside, this has led many into a life of crime.Another characteristic of the Nigerian man is that HIS LOVE FOR WOMEN! ” and you accept him, after all, you are too young to die of hypertension!That the Nigerian man loves women can not be disputed. Not too many years ago, the winner of Miss Norway Beauty Contest was a half-caste with the distinctively Nigerian name of my forebears. Once he makes up his mind, he goes after her with a single-mindedness of a soldier on a special mission. Which brings me to the next characteristic…How many times have you my sisters, sworn that you were going to “brain” that boyfriend of yours when you catch him in yet another escapade, only for him to turn up with an innocent-looking face, weaving his fabricated story of how he tripped and fell on his Aunt who happened to be wearing red lipstick, so that’s how the mark got on his shirt! The only woman wey fit turn Urhobo man to flying boat! This leads to yet another characteristic…There is no denying it…Nigerian men are fine. Is it the “yellow” ones from the East or the Caramel ones from the West? Sure, there are some that are more “fearfully than wonderfully made” but generally our boys are fine!When asked about her origins, she said her mother was Norwegian but unfortunately she had never met her father before. I’ve seen children that are half-Filipino and half-Nigerian! How he managed to convince the latter I will never know because Indians hardly ever marry outside their race! You know he’s lying and sweet-talking you but you allow yourself (after initially raking) to soften and smile at his smooth flattery and corny jokes. That his woman should know how to cook should not even be up for negotiation.) but love him or hate him, he is who he is…and if the truth be told many of us Nigerian women wouldn’t have him any other way…save for a little tweaking here and there!

All these adjectives (and more) describe the quintessential Nigerian man.

Even if he does that you can be sure he has finished work and is just kidding around, which brings me to the next characteristic…HE PLAYS HARD….what’s all that hard work for if you don’t get to spend the proceeds?

He LURVES to groove…whether its at the Club or the open air pepper soup joint at Obalende!

You also get to see life from the life of a Nigerian (which is clearly different I can assure you).

There are lots of amazing things to learn from them but at the same time, there are certain things you need to be wary of.

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