Halle berry dating michael ealy

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Back in February, Ealy posted a rare photo of his Afghan-American wife to protest President Trump's Muslim Ban.

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do you think if joel osteen dumped victoria for a black woman that his fan base would still be there ?

i see bishop mc clendon is married to another nonblack woman but i have not seen her pics on his website or on google and her name is not even mentioned ? Yes, people are looking at this and talking about black men tossing their women aside.

Ealy and his wife of five years, Khatira Rafiqzada, keep their personal life very private.

He waited months to announce their marriage in 2012, and he didn't announce the November 2016 birth of their daughter until January 2017.

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Halle herself believes in God, but she does not practice Christianity, Catholicism or any other religion.

About to remove Easence fm my page…gone pop culture too! ” “When I watch the country music awards, latin grammy , spanish telenovleas, bollywood indian movies these men have their own race of women.

Let those other mags promote him…this isnt news for them either! However, I can’t help but point out the fact that some of our Hollywood Brothers just aren’t into dating or marrying Sistah’s!!!

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