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Let’s look through the whole tenses of the passive voice.There you can see all the forms of the Passive Voice.There you can see the differences between the active and the passive voices.It’s a new grammatical theme for you that’s why open your Grammar copybooks and let’s write down the main points.-First of all, I want you to remember some forms of the irregular verbs.-Now, open your dairies and write down your homework.: will not = won't (shall not = shan't - ): That won't do any good!Gleaner Newspaper Archives with over 890,000 pages since 1834.

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However, Jacob's fame encouraged further bullying and as a result he moved schools multiple times to avoid getting verbally attack, shoved and teased by classmates.Ask each other which differences exactly can you tell.Pupil: The Passive Voice serves to show that the person or thing denoted by the subject of the sentence is not the agent (the doer) of the action expressed by the predicate verb but the object of this action.-So, now you see the differences of the translations of active and passive voices.- So, today we’ve begun a new theme The Passive Voice.

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