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Like I said, I don’t want to be friends with someone who places so much importance on body type.Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I thought this was a little odd: And if you don’t have a digital camera, smartphone, newer computer, scanner, or tech-savvy member of your family, then you can mail a photo to headquarters and it will upload it for free, which might reflect something about the site’s users. Purrsonals is clearly the best of the three, but they all underperform.Sadly, I have to conclude that Purrsonals is a real bummer in the summer.

C.; he took a dump and whizz in the the bushes, then we returned to her apartment.

I’m perfectly fine and charming in person, but a lot more witty and articulate in text.

Two cute cats in love by Shutterstock" / In my post about the next generation of cat dudes, someone wondered about dating sites for people who like cats. There are lots of specific dating sites — it helps narrow things down. Purrsonals was among the top hits in a search for “dating sites for cat lovers,” along with the sites Single Cat Lovers and Must Love Pets. Cat asleep betwixt couple by Shutterstock" / While none of the sites offers particularly appealing interfaces, Purrsonals is the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch.

Single Cat Lovers is even more dismal, unfortunately.

It’s not too pretty to look at it, and while registration was relatively straightforward, I didn’t like being forced to enter my physical attributes.

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    And, like his predecessors, he’s done the work to prove it.