German dutch dating

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My /etc/default/locale strangely contains the following: LANG="en_US. Note that this problem exists also in 14.04.2 LTS and 14.10, whatever the *buntu flavor you choose (also seen in Lubuntu and Xubuntu).UTF-8" LC_NUMERIC=Installed a brand new Kubuntu 15.04, choosing English as language and Belgium as my country. This is a problem in the locale generation mechanism, not in a KDE or Gnome specific tool.A special screening of American director Darren Aronofsky’s controversial environmental parable Mother!will be shown in the innovative ISM Hexadome at the 2019 MUTEK festival.

2) what if a Belgian user like me wants Belgium-English ? And I have German date in my top bar in 18.04 LTS...

You are not permitted to work on this visa in Germany.

If you wish to work here, you will have to apply for a Germany employment visa or for a Germany job seeker visa if you need to look for a job first.

In some countries, the German embassy, consulates and visa centers have separated jurisdictions.

Therefore, you should pay attention under the jurisdiction of which authority the area where you live falls.

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