Forward dating prescriptions

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Events that occurred more recently than 3 years ago are subject to backward telescoping, and events that occurred more than 3 years in the past are subject to forward telescoping.Events that occurred around the 3 year mark are equally subject to forward as backward telescoping.Researchers have examined possible reasons that the telescoping effect occurs.They have proposed the following hypotheses and models.

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Since events are only remembered by order or time between events in this model, if an event is forgotten, previous events are recalled as if they occurred more recently and forward telescoping occurs.- If the PBAC cannot see its way to making special arrangements with general practitioners for such a case, at least it could make one with specialists.It would then fall to the specialist to explain the necessity for the unusual dosage, and the general practitioner's prescribing pattern would not be distorted on the pharmaceutical watchdogs' dossier.(August 27, 2019) Cerilliant Corporation (August 27, 2019) Cayman Chemical Company (August 26, 2019) Cambrex High Point, Inc. (August 26, 2019) AMPAC Fine Chemicals Virginia, LLC (August 26, 2019) Clinical Supplies Management Holdings, Inc.Prescribers need to comply with prescribing restrictions relevant to their profession.

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