Feel like giving up on dating

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”“My body is clothed with worms and scabs, my skin is broken and festering.

Do I have any power to help myself, now that success has been driven from me?

I was so happy that I finally got a second date but after I got that message I felt that something is wrong with me because he didn't bother taking the time to message me that he is canceling.

Today, I went on a date with a guy who is 9 years older than me.

After a certain point, he’s just getting all of your attention and energy, but if you’re not fulfilled in return, you’re better off being more conservative with rationing that out and working on all that good old self-empowerment stuff, instead. You might not have started off feeling so desperate, but something about his elusiveness has got you chasing after him like he’s the last man on earth.

But he isn’t, and you know that, and that needy chick is not the real you, anyway.

It’s very admirable to put yourself out there in the dating world, to forgive people who’ve wronged you, and to try and make things work with that stubborn guy you just can’t seem to get over.

If you feel good about yourself, he should feel good about you, too.

You’re a smart, funny, beautiful woman, and you need someone who’s going to see those qualities and appreciate them in you. Here’s the thing: If you have a lightbulb go off, realize that he’s not worth your time and you decide that enough is enough, he’s either going to care or he won’t.

But more often it takes the form of what Thoreau called, “quiet desperation.” People going through the motions of a marriage or job; people maintaining the pretense of a relationship with their children or their parents, but who have in reality given up. But there’s an area of your life where you’re considering just giving up and walking away, regardless of what God says or the Bible says. Despair is for people who live at the mercy of cosmic forces that are at best indifferent to them and at worst malevolent. But I do know this: whether or not they change, God has a purpose for you in that relationship. They were submissive to their own husbands, like Sarah, who obeyed Abraham and called him her master. When you are tempted to give up, remember that God is in control, and He is loving and wise and good. He is the Creator; He can cause loving feelings and attitudes to be created out of nothing.

And the question for us as Christians is, How do we keep holding on when we feel like giving up? Despair is for people who live in a universe in which there is no God, or in which God is only a spectator. You are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear.” – 1 Peter 3:5-6 (NIV) Why did these women submit to their husbands? He has not abandoned you; He has not stopped caring about you. He can transform people and situations in ways that we are unable to foresee. If your situation seems hopeless, if it seems that nothing short of a miracle can save you, then you are in luck.

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