Excel chart not updating in powerpoint 2016

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Having to re-copy and re-paste the information every time a change is made in the original Excel documents.

Have you come across the feature which enables you to link your Excel workbook directly into your Power Point presentation? If the Excel file and Power Point presentation are both open any changes will update automatically.

Then the charts don't resize in PPT when the links are updated.

3 - If you do use the Chart sheet approach, make sure the option (Tools, Options, Chart, "Chart sizes with window frame" is NOT checked. 4 - Alright you say, but I got my data on the worksheet, the only way I can make sure the chart makes sense is when I see the chart next to the data (a someone valid argument).

When you use this feature, the presentation changes automatically each time your workbook changes. Once the links are created in the presentation, you may need to update them at a future point.

If the Excel file is not open it is possible to update links using the following methods.

So make the chart on the chart sheet (didn't we just agree on that? Select the entire chart on the chart sheet and copy and paste it to the worksheet near the data range.

If you link Excel files to Power Point presentations often, you will soon find it doesn’t always behave how you might expect.

Now I will tell you how to stop updating chart in Excel.

Stop updating chart by set as manual calculation Stop updating chart by inserting pivot table If you do not want the formula be manual, you can insert a pivot table based the data range first, and then insert a chart based the pivot table, and when the data range change, the chart cannot update. Select the data range you need, and click Insert Pivot Table. Then in the Create Pivot Table dialog, you can choose whether the pivot table is placed in a new worksheet or in the existing worksheet, here I check New Worksheet. Then click OK, and a pivot table will be inserted in a new sheet.

There are times when Microsoft Excel is almost too efficient.

For instance, Excel automatically updates a chart when a change is made to the chart data.

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