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until they guzzle all the vodka, puke, and pass out.People who are very into being responsible will often find relationships with ENFPs to be incredibly infuriating.If you are an ENFP, please wise up about your maturity level; your relationship depends on it. They are seductive, creative, and very passionate lovers who do whatever they can to make sure their partners are happy.They don't need a guide on how to be better in bed, but in many cases, they'll read it anyway. Because they're amazing lovers and always want to improve their skills. They're open-minded people who love to flaunt their sexuality to the lucky person who ends up being their partner. Of the 16 different personalities out there, the ENFP personality type might be one of the most heavily misunderstood. Show less If there's one thing that's really become popular lately, it's the Myers-Briggs personality type studies circulating the net.Lord knows that one of the easiest ways to make an ENFP unhappy (outside of criticism and conflict) is keeping them from partying.So, it's often best to avoid dating these guys unless you're willing to boogie down from time to time.

So, if you do end up making the mistake of treating an ENFP badly, don't expect them to just accept it.They are not going to be able to focus on things like scheduling oil changes on their cars, or worrying about all the little minutiae of life. An excited ENFP is a breath of fresh air, and that's why ENFP relationships can often be very thrilling.However, this also means that they tend to be best paired with someone who's practical enough to keep them grounded.So, you may need to nudge them to talk when they feel like something is not up to par.ENFPs are notorious for keeping their heads in the clouds, and having an unorthodox outlook on life.

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