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It took two or three mighty pulls to break free—after which we both died laughing.” –Mina, 33, Santa Barbara “During my senior year of college, I had just gotten out of a long relationship and decided to try my hand at casual sex.

I woke up one morning horrifically hungover and curiously horny, so I gave this new guy a call to come over.

This was all panic-inducing, not to mention he will go down in history as the guy who exclaimed, upon seeing me naked, ‘It’s so cute how your thighs touch!

’” –Anne, 28, London “I was in the early stages of dating my boyfriend, and he was the first man I really liked after one of the most traumatic breakups I’ve ever been through. I went into the bathroom to look for it myself with no luck.

Just as quickly as it had started to feel amazing, though, it went south.

The sensitive, tingly feeling turned into a burning that turned into a searing pain.

Wrong: Turns out that he was out with friends and came back shortly after we did, and slept in the common area outside my boyfriend’s room.

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He got a small red welt and refused to sleep with me for, like, a week after, and for the month after that would constantly be like, ‘I think I feel it.’ It was clearly a phantom trauma thing—I mean, I went to the doctor to check that it had recoiled enough!

The truth was I was just concentrating a little too hard on orgasming.” –Terry, 28, San Diego “I was out at a party with my boyfriend, and after a few drinks, we got a little hot and heavy and realized we couldn’t wait until we got home.

We decided that we’d walk a bit and find a spot—luckily for us, we found the perfect place to get down … We found a hidden spot and had at it, until we realized that we were definitely being watched.

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