Duggar girls dating 2016

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In honor of Jana’s most recent cameo on TLC’s “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” and her busy 2015, let’s celebrate her big day with five fast facts about the popular Duggar daughter.1.

Oldest girl — Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children — hence the former TLC show's name “19 Kids and Counting” — but Jana is their oldest daughter.

Side hugs are the preferred method of PDA in order to prevent any further temptation or "hanky panky," as has been well documented on 19 Kids and Counting. though not too too hard, lest they lead to full-frontal hugging. We've talked about some already and there are plenty more to come on this list.

Despite Joy-Anna Duggar breaking rules, or modest shifts (Jinger rebelling and Jill distancing herself), the rules are no joke. The Duggar parents often accompany their kids on dates in order to maintain "accountability" and "keep things from going in the wrong direction," per Jim Bob.

Once Josh Duggar's child molestation history - and brazen adultery - was exposed, they've been under a microscope since.

Yet, despite his hypocrisy, and the fact that their every move is under heavier scrutiny all the time, they weather the storm.

Shortly after the courtship "proposal," she was allowed to slide almost all the way over to Joseph.

Not close enough for any inappropriate touching, obviously, but without another dude in between, which is mandatory during the “just friends” phase. In the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal going public years later, Jim Bob and Michelle gave in interview in which they talked about all of the things they did in its aftermath.

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