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As I mentioned before, I really didn't hate Kirk's character at all. She was, understandably, more reluctant to give her marriage a try.In spite of his feelings, he was mature enough to realize that he wanted to make his marriage work. He wasn't always successful but as a reader, I actually ended up rooting for him. As the book progresses, we find out that even before Kirk's revelation, things aren't quite as perfect as people believed their marriage to be.When one buys a romance novel there are certain expectations which the reader brings to the experience.It's same with Sup Infidelity whether it's physical or emotional is a very complex problem.I really liked the concept, but I would have preferred more focus on the couple rather than on the heroine and her struggle to deal with her husband's betrayal.Simply put, I became bored during parts o3–Realistic–Stars I normally don't read books about infidelity but I was curious to see how an author would tackle the devastating affect this situation brings to an established family.The publishing rules make it difficult because the author has to end on a upbeat HEA.This is part of the Harlequin branding, it's a decades long contract between the company and their readers.

We end back on some real outdated, even for 2000, cliches.It's same with Superheroes, mysteries and every other genre.The reader and the publishers have that unspoken agreement that certain rules exist.Simply put, I became bored during parts of this book because of that.Still, this is a realistic portrayal of the heartache, devastation, havoc, and trust issues caused by forms of infidelity.

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