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Nicki captioned the picture in part "Only KINGS recognize QUEENS." The picture shows Nas with his arm around her, his face basically buried in her hair, as she poses with a regal expression.

They appeared to be eating together because there's a plate of something on the table in front of Nas.

Still, fans are chattering about the possibility of Nas and Nicki actually being an item.

Take a look at what Twitter is saying about the potential hook-up below.

Having an professional online dating headshot done can really up your game with finding the perfect match.I say, hiring a professional is the best way to get the best photo of yourself!When looking to do an online dating photo you don't want to use a cropped photo of another photo of you with another person.First, there's the utter shock of a Nas and Nicki hook-up.While neither Kerr nor Spiegel have spoken about their likely romance—on any social media platform, that is—it's pretty clear based on these photos that there's some serious chemistry going on between the duo!

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