Dating someone in an open relationship

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Both partners, when having sex with some outsider, must use protection.

None of you would like to gift your partner with some sexually transmitted disease like STDs. Actually it’s one of the golden open relationship rules.

The best way is to be with an outsider when your partner is not in the town.

A successful open relationship is based on mutual understanding and trust.

Note: It’s one of the most important open relationship rules to have a stable and long term primary relationship. No third person, (the one you are sleeping with) should be allowed to come to your place.

When you are in an open relationship, you are supposed to stay loyal and committed romantically to your primary relationship.

For something that daring, you should respect him/her.

Before you go on with this relationship, make things clear between you two.

Or you can share it with a few close and trustworthy friends or family members.

Advertising your relationship status to everyone would not be suitable.

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