Dating sites for college kids

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It’s also an awesome platform for hunting for scholarships relevant to you.

Similar to Rate My Professor, this is another one of those websites for college students that, well, does just that.

Create your own flashcards and other study games (or if you’re lazy – choose ones already created by other users) on tons of subjects.

Some people swear by mind mapping, and if this happens to be you – you probably want to check out this site.

Perfect to attend a concert, festival or a football game with your college friends.

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Not only does this site generate bibliographies and citations, it has auto-fill; quickly recognizing the source you’ve searched for and applying the correct citation for it…. Well, there’s pretty much no chance you’ll be able to put together a super high quality piece of work (sorry, just being honest).Manage all your tasks across all platforms to optimize productivity. If you’re anything like me, you have about 43789 different passwords, and can only remember, like, two of them.Instead of constantly having to click the “reset my password” button – use one master password through Last Past which will automatically populate all of your correct passwords. If you’re a Microsoft user, this site collaborates all of your Word, Excel, Power Point, and One Note files onto all of your devices. Okay, this website actually links to 6 different apps – all worth downloading…immediately.For reviews and opinions of professors at your school, peruse through this site and let them guide your way to deciding which classes to choose (and to definitely choose) next semester.This site is great for helping incoming freshmen find their perfect college match.

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