Dating ideas for gay men

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Whether you’ve been out of the closet for six months or six years, planning a killer first date is a must.

Depending on your local terrain, plan a romantic picnic with artisan cheeses, croissants, cured meats and wine.

Bring him to a beautiful area of where you live and set it up complete with music and candles.

This gives the two of you a lot of quiet time to talk and get to know each other.

Even for people who don’t think they’re “artsy,” visiting a museum or gallery opening is not only a way to gain culture, it also helps create dialogue for two people who have never been on a date together.

If, and only if, you know your guy enjoys outdoor activities, then plan a hike, paddle boarding session or bike ride.

Follow up with a relaxed dinner at an outdoor cafe — somewhere it won’t matter if the two of you are a little bit sweaty.

Going to the theatre for your date is a nice alternative to the cinema, whether it’s a West End giant or a small independent theatre.There’s also that all important interval to discuss your thoughts over a tipple and get to know each other better.Going to the cabaret may seem like a cliché, but it’s guaranteed to be fun. Whether it’s a first date or someone you’ve known for a while, here are some ideas for gay dating to get you started, from culture packed dates to cocktails and other fun activities.Going for an evening of wine and cheese tasting is a good alternative to a busy pub; you’ll be doing an activity and there’ll be so much more to talk about.

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