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Therefore, if your SAT superscore is currently below a 1490, we strongly recommend that you consider prepping for the SAT and retaking it.

You have a very good chance of raising your score, which will significantly boost your chances of getting in.

If you want to get in, the first thing to look at is the acceptance rate. If you don't meet their expectations, your chance of getting is nearly zero. Prep Scholar Admissions is the world's best admissions consulting service.

This tells you how competitive the school is and how serious their requirements are. After crossing this hurdle, you'll need to impress Pitzer College application readers through their other application requirements, including extracurriculars, essays, and letters of recommendation. We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies.

Charles Alexandre Lesueur was the Academy's curator known as a naturalist, zoologist, ichthyologist, artist and teacher who made 127 sketches during the voyage.

The research, publications, schools, libraries and reforms of those on the Boatload of Knowledge impacted scientifically, culturally, socially and economically to benefit the Midwest and the nation.

If your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.86, you'll need a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate.

This will help you compete effectively against other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

Here's the breakdown of new SAT scores by section: The Score Choice policy at your school is an important part of your testing strategy.With a GPA of 3.86, Pitzer College requires you to be near the top of your class, and well above average. Ideally, you will also have taken several AP or IB classes to show that you can handle academics at a college level.If you're currently a junior or senior, your GPA is hard to change in time for college applications.This will maximize your chance of getting into the best school possible, especially since most other students will be submitting their scores.Many schools say they have no SAT score cutoff, but the truth is that there is a hidden SAT requirement. The average SAT score composite at Pitzer College is a 1394 on the 1600 SAT scale.

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