Dating and finding a marriage partner in thea online 4f

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And, although he treated me like shit and subjected me to unexpected, hurtful silent treatments every chance he could, disappearing like Houdini and reappearing with ridiculous alibis, I counted on the quality of our sex life to keep him from straying farther than our love connection allowed.

So, from day one, even though you two have awesome sex together (and he seductively reminds you of this fact on a daily basis), he’s he’s cheating, the narcissist is also busy managing down your expectations of the relationship to the point that he can actually disappear and reappear at will with nary a consequence because you’d much rather have him back – cheater that he is – rather than suffer the anxiety you feel while he’s gone.

Thea began an ongoing affair after a few dates with a man.

"He was giving me all of the stuff my husband wasn't -- attention and affection," she says.

How many of you reading this have apologized….maybe even Once, exasperated at my inability to stop crying as I repeatedly asked “Why? Under normal circumstances, this connection can play a big role in the monogamy of the relationship.

Under normal circumstances, a great sex life is a normal and keep you (and all the others) as narcissistic supply.

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