Dating abuse news articles

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These warning signs of dating abuse and violence creep up slowly and insidiously, so no one really pegs them for what they are - or they misinterpret them, thinking that, just like in the movies, extreme jealousy is romantic or that a guy's efforts to keep his sweetheart all to himself mean that he must really, really love her, right?

But somewhere along the way, what seemed OK crosses into abusive territory.

Clearly your intuition is picking up on something but you're not quite sure what.

On March 14 of this year, a young girl’s prank had unimaginable consequences.

Tysen Benz, 11, hanged himself after reading messages on Snapchat saying his 13-year-old girlfriend had died. It was all made up by the young girl; she was sending the messages from a friend’s account.

After reading the news of his girlfriend’s “death,” Benz posted on social media he was going to kill himself. Like I don’t get why you aren’t,” Carter allegedly told Roy via text.

“So, yes, some of the behaviors we see in adult relationships, we see in youngsters as well.” When it comes to technology, controlling behaviors include: Crawford says that stopping the cycle means parents and educators need to take the lead.

Start by talking to kids about healthy relationships at a young age—and she means young.

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