Dating 4 years no commitment my girlfriend is dating another guy

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My ex boyfriend and I broke up this summer for many reason.First off we started going out when I was only 13 and he was 15; we're now 16 and he's almost 18.Well months went by and we didn't talk so I had completely lost hoped of us getting back together.At this point I started dating another guy and had sex with him.While it might be easier and more convenient to simply stop answering his calls and disappear from his life, being honest about the situation is the more mature course of action.You may not owe him an explanation, but you should let him know that things will be different from here on out, so make an effort to tell him what’s up rather than simply disappearing. Once you tell your fling or friends-with-benefits that it’s over, make sure that your actions follow suit.If you have been casually dating someone or involved in a friends-with-benefits situation that has worn out its welcome, you might be wondering how to go about putting that relationship in your rear-view mirror.If you are ready to move on from a relationship in which there was no commitment, there are certain factors you should take into consideration.

No matter what type of arrangement you had with the person you were involved with, letting him know when that arrangement has come to an end is a matter of respect and common courtesy.Our decision was that we should break up for awhile and date other people and possibly get back together in the future if we still felt the same.Well throughout his first relationship he constantly reassured me that he still wanted to be with me and marry me and that someday he would.Give yourself permission to process those emotions as they come.Take some time to reflect on the relationship and what it meant to you.

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