Daily diary of a dating optimist

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Think of it as the Stanley Cup or a limited-edition Birkin bag.Pessimists: Let your feelings out of their cages once in a while.Optimists: Guard your hearts a little better or you’ll end up with quite a mess.Not everyone deserves a piece of it, so treat it like a prize.Welcome to the age of endless options and unlimited swipes.We are all well aware that our generation's way of dating is unique.Optimists know what they want and they don’t keep their hearts locked in cages.They’re go-getters who only want the real thing and are never afraid to try for it.

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Maintaining optimism while you’re dating is no small potatoes.They would most likely rather have pizza than deal with real feelings.Pessimists impose purposeful ignorance and are particularly good at fooling themselves.On the other end of the spectrum, we define an optimist as one who tends to look on the more favorable side of events and expects the most desirable outcome.While the pessimists are constantly anticipating the worst, optimists are only envisioning the best.

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