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Cranbrook is a small town in the civil parish of Cranbrook and Sissinghurst, in the Weald of Kent in South East England.

It lies roughly half-way between Maidstone and Hastings, about 38 miles (61 km) southeast of central London.

In 2010 Francis Rook of the Liberal Democrats won one of the three council seats in the Benenden and Cranbrook ward from the Conservatives to become one of only 6 non-Conservative councillors out of 48 in the borough.

The name of the parish council was changed from Cranbrook Parish Council to Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council in 2009.

Different versions of the legend have it that he heard the parish church bells ringing, or that he was met by a messenger.

The place where this happened was, in the words of biographer and historian Arthur Irwin Dasent, "at a place where three roads meet, known to this day as Baker's Cross".

1100); by 1226 it was recorded as Cranebroc, then Cranebrok.

Spelling of the place name has evolved over the centuries from Cranebroca (c.

The focus then switched to a £2m building planned on Wilkes Field, next to the Co-op carpark.

As of 2013 plans included small community rooms and three large day rooms which could convert into a hall for 300 people, along with a day care centre, council offices, public toilets and even the police station.

Cranbrook Town Band, founded in the 1920s, is a British-style brass band, which performs regular concerts in the Queen's Hall, St Dunstan's Church and around Kent.

There have been many plans to create a community hub, starting with a proposal to convert the old council offices.

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