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Oh, just happily partnered up with, seemingly, one of the greatest guys in the movie biz. And although Christina wed at the young age of 24, she would later say in interviews that it 'felt right'.

That's how their love story seems, anyway, but as with anything else in life, it didn't come without its troubles. Sadly, their love came to an end in 2011 after Christina felt that she had grown as a person and simply was not the same.

Even though Matthew enjoys keeping a fairly low profile (which we'd imagine is somewhat challenging considering who his partner is), he does have his own band.

Their name is Nate Mott and it was actually his first start in the world of music.

Although Christina is pretty high-profile as a celebrity, we're sure that Matthew was beyond used to working with high-profile celebs prior to their relationship. There's no denying that when they are out and about, they're totally adorable, and we can't blame them for not wanting to be in the spotlight.

In 1999, to be exact, Jordan got his big break into the music industry.

Funny enough, Matthew didn't grow up too far from where Christina's ex-husband, Jordan, did.

They both lived within the tri-state area, but Matthew took up residence in New Jersey rather than in New York.

Even more interesting is that Christina and Matthew started out having a purely platonic relationship, as he was a shoulder for her during her separation from Jordan.If anything is certain, Christina definitely knows how to find people who are true to their talents.Musical talent is seemingly something that runs in Jordan's family, as he actually followed in his father's footsteps.Jordan graduated high school and attended Tulane University in Louisiana, and it was here that his passion exploded into a full-blown profession.Not only did the future music producer major in business management, but he also worked at the American Sector record label while he was attending college.

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