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No one will know there is anything inside, but the candle stand will be "fixed" for the trick you are doing. 2" - 5" tall, assorted styles Solid brass candle stands which we rescue from flea markets and thrift stores, restore, polish, and send forth to cost-conscious shoppers. Sizes of sockets vary; some fit our 4" altar candles, some fit our 6"offertory candles, and some fit our 9" Jumbo and Reversing candles. This eliminates objectionable smoke from the snuffed candle.

In contrast, those hematologists and oncologists who see a broad spectrum of cancers see relatively few CLL patients.CLL experts are experienced in interpreting and acting on the results revealed by these specific tests.Their clinics typically participate in and publish data on CLL clinical trials.We offer the following 100% cotton cloths, each one suitable to double in use as a bandana (or a handsome dog-scarf! READ ALSO: Further instructional information on the candles used in these spell kits can be found at: Candle Magic Learn to interpret the results of your candle spell by referring to our page on: Candle Magic Divination When a candle is burned in a spell, it is sometimes convenient to place it in a candle stand.This is especially true of offertory candles and small altar candles which are easily tipped over if they are not put into a holder of some kind.

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