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Hats, silk veils, em¬ broidered outfits and even a full wedding-dress were dis¬ played.

The event was intend¬ ed to symbolise the more feminine aspects of French ‘Let me introduce myself — rm Gillian, your wife " culture, placing haute couture alongside football.

Emmanuel Peril, who won the double with Arsenal, scored the third in the last minute.

r 1 arson murder of three brothers By Martin Fletcher and Audrey Magee .

replied: “It will continue indefinitely, yes.” David Trimble.

Northern Ireland’s First Minister and leading Unionist, and the Rev William Bingham, the Order’s influential Co Armagh chap¬ lain.

Organisers praised, page 4 Leading article: page 21 Match reports, pages 25-29 land Secretary, begged march¬ ers and protesters to stay at home.

But David Jones, spokes¬ man for the Portadown Or¬ angemen. He added: “We are the only ones who parade on the Garvaghy Road, we are the only ones who will make that decision and we are the only ones who will make that walk.” Brendan Mc Kenna, the Japanese Premier to resign From Robert Whymant IN TOKYO THE world’s second largest economy heads into a new period of instability after Ja¬ pan’s ruling Liberal Demo¬ cratic Party suffered humiliation in yesterday's Up¬ per House election.

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