Bill paxton dating

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Paxton worked with Cameron on The Terminator (1984) and then reunited with him on Aliens (1986).

His performance in the latter film as Private Hudson earned him the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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Let’s go.” CHLUMSKY: Did that chemistry with you and Tyler come naturally, or was it something that you both had to work at?

“I knew I had to go back and study if I was going to do this [professionally]—you still earn your stripes out here, no matter who you’re related to.”Currently, the younger Paxton stars in .

The show, which premiered last week, features Paxton as Lukas Waldenbeck, a small town, teenage motocross athlete who witnesses a murder during a secret hookup with his friend Philip (Tyler Young). [] It was a busy week that week; I remember I had auditioned for about six different things, and—I’m not just saying this because I got it—that was the best thing that I had read.

Paxton emphasizes the more tender elements of Lukas’ character: “At the core of it, it’s this really interesting, complex love story between the two boys.” ‘s debut is still fresh, if not a little jarring. Then once I saw Catherine Hardwicke’s name attached as the director, I just had to get in there as soon as possible.

“I’m feeling something I’ve never felt before, and that’s always strange. It’s funny, Tyler [Young], my costar, just sent me a text this morning of some fan art that people are already making. I was actually sick the morning that I went in to audition.

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