Best airlines for accommodating disabilities

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Each person must determine a course of action in consultation with a travel partner and, often, a doctor.That said, let’s start with one basic issue, brought to my attention by David Horn, a certified access specialist in California: Not all commercial airliners are created equal when it comes to access.Most commercial aircraft come in two configurations: single aisle and double aisle.The single-aisle planes may be more familiar to many of us: the Boeing 737-300, for instance, which makes up part of Southwest’s fleet, and the A320, which Virgin America and Delta, among others, fly.For international flights, they are required to organize for a Carer who will guide them during their transfers.Although passengers are not allowed to bring an Upper Torso Harness, they can book with Virgin Australia if they do need one.Traveling is a dream come true for some, a way of life to others and a great source of motivation for many; an inspiring activity that everyone enjoys.

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Many people find flying as the ideal way to travel.Each disability or medical condition is enumerated, with the corresponding steps on how to book for assistance.The seating plan and allocation that Qantas provides for their guests with specific needs ensure a comfortable time on board for them.The accessible toilets, escalators and lifts, Qantas lounges, and other amenities are just some of the facilities that Qantas has for the domestic terminals in Australia, making the travel experience for their guests extra convenient and trouble-free.(ALSO READ: Club Mates Travel Tips) When planning, feel free to ask questions and do not hesitate making clarifications.

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