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So here are some seemingly small relationship red flags that are actually a much bigger deal than you think, according to experts.

It may not seem like a bad thing to have a partner's who's very into you — and in many cases, it's not.

"This may initially appear as playful behavior," Amica Graber, relationship expert with Truth Finder, tells Bustle.

But if someone doesn't respect your physical boundaries when you're in a playful mood, they likely won't respect it when you're being serious. If you say no once, your partner shouldn't do things with the intent of making you change your mind, even if they do it playfully.

"It is normal and appropriate for parties to have different priorities in terms of how they like to spend their discretionary funds, but it is important to be honest about all such expenses," matrimonial lawyers, Kelly Frawley and Emily Pollock, tell Bustle.

"You don’t want to learn down the line that there is an account or asset you are not aware of, and that you could be financially responsible for should you get married." Your friends and your family members aren't dating your partner, so their opinions may not matter to you that much.

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If your partner pushes physical boundaries — no matter how — after you've told them to stop, that is a major red flag to be addressed, especially if they are being sexually coercive.

Everyone has their own set of relationship red flags and dealbreakers to look out for.

Although it's easy to brush off some of your partner's questionable habits, experts say it's important to always pay attention to what's really going on in your relationship.

"While it may be just the way your person is, it can do harm to you in the long-run," transformational life coach and relationship expert, Cindy Shaw, tells Bustle.

You may not realize it, but spending time with someone who is constantly negative can lead you to accepting this negativity as the norm.

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