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The ladyboy population are an extremely diverse group of people and to make assumptions about how a ladyboy has grown up, what her ambitions are, what she does for a living, or what she wants simply based on the fact she is a ladyboy – is a pretty dumb move.Perhaps the biggest assumption that a lot of guys make when dating ladyboys is that their date is really after money or a boyfriend who will take care of them financially.Expensive restaurants in Thailand are not actually that expensive, you can eat in some of the best restaurants in Bangkok for under 1000 baht per person, so why not take her somewhere special.If you do take her out to a nice restaurant, bar, or club, dress the part.

If you go into it with any sense of shame or social shyness you’re only going to make your date feel totally embarrassed and uncomfortable, which isn’t cool. Don’t walk 5 steps in front of her or take her somewhere quiet and away from others.

This article is primarily aimed at guys looking to date Thai ladyboys in Thailand.

Most importantly, this isn’t an article about getting free sex from dating sites or how to date as many ladyboys as possible without getting caught, it’s an article which should be most useful to those looking to go on a real date with a real ladyboy.

I find ladyboys to be among the most fun, kind and funny people I’ve met, so full of surprises and usually a total pleasure to be with.

Don’t over think it, just be polite, be yourself, and have a great time.

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