Ball her court dating

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She's Looking for Another Man Now - So my wife says she has something to tell me!

- My wife walks past me on her way to the front door.

She said she ran into someone she knew and they chatted it up for a while. She and I have been together for quite a few years.

We met on a dating sight and I had it in my profile that I was into swinging, cuckolding and swapping. I am a fan of the cuckolding sites and we often read the stories together.

I asked her why she was dressed so nicely and she said, "I just wanted to".

She returned about an hour later, and I asked what took so long?

Looking back now I feel slighted as I was denied the pleasure of enjoying her in her used sloppy condition.

I also feel somewhat humiliated that she was fucking someone and kept it a secret from me for a year.

She pulled her skirt down, they said their good nights and she left to come home.

She knows how excited I get when she is with someone else and she enjoys being a hot-wife but she has always been submissive and never pro-active. So she comes to me and says, "I always see you on those cuckold sites and I read your stories.

I have asked you many times if you wanted me to take a lover but you never give me a straight answer. Do you remember last year when I went to the pool at ten o'clock at night?

We have dabbled in each area and I have even let her date and go off with other men and on trips a few times.

She always told me what she was up to and who she was with.

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