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It remains to be seen how strong the NAP will be and how well players will abide by its terms.

This map created by Duffy of Hope's End shows the rough outlines of the political landscape in the game at the 2 week point of Early Enrollment. Diplomats and ambassadors of the various Settlements are engaged in managing these relationships.

My question is how can a player representing no settlement claim a tower?

There's obviously no benefit to them, and it creates a hardship on the settlement.

If this had been happening inside a Settlement (especially an NPC Settlement) or if the attacks had been made with harassing whispers or posts in chat, we'd want to take action to tell the agressor not to engage in that kind of behavior and take more severe action if the behavior continued.

Here's another interesting report: Kind of a bug and a player making a nuisance of himself in one ticket.

It has been an amazing two weeks since the start of Early Enrollment and we have been watching with amazement as the politics and economics of the game have begun to develop at incredible speed.

We can't capture everything that is happening since much of the action is taking place on private forums and channels.

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These Alliances have declared various role playing objectives, standards of behavior they expect from their members, and long term objectives.

Propaganda has begun to circulate to raise interest and sow doubts in various coalitions.

Players are actively recruiting for new members to aid in the War of Towers and in gathering and crafting resources to aid the war efforts.

There are lots of other Towers scattered throughout the wilderness.

Controlling more increases the degree of training available above that offered by NPC Settlements.

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