Asp net validating web site slow

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Prefix will allow you to highlight slow queries, large Java Script files, and more.The measurements should give you an idea of which of these optimizations might help you the most.Depending on the type of the resource being requested from the server, there are a few different approaches to reducing the number of requests.

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In this, where we combine all the images into a single one and then use CSS offsets to shift the image around and show just the single sprite we want. The new version of HTTP, HTTP/2, introduces a number of very useful optimizations.There are a ton of ways to improve the performance of a website, let’s look at fifteen of them.The first thing to do is gather a baseline of your application’s performance.Latency is how quickly you drive between Banff and the Grand Canyon.High latency means there are lots of delays along the way, slowing down the transit time.

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