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The VSTS Team publishes many different options for running the vsts-agent inside of Docker.See the repo on Docker Hub You will need a Personal Access token from your Visual Studio Team Services instance.For bizarre and unknown historical reasons, when using MSDeploy to make a ZIP package to upload a website to a web server you get a massively deep silly path like yada/yada/C_C/Temp/package/Web Application1/obj/Release/Package/Package Tmp. NET Core so I usually do a "dotnet publish" and get a sane path for my build artifacts in my CI/CD (Continues Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline.I'm using the original pipeline editor on free Azure Dev Ops (I'm still learning Dev Ops YAML for this, and this visual pipeline editor IMHO is more friendly for getting started.

Later on in the process I'm taking this package/artifact - now named "" and I'm publishing it to Azure App Service.

frontend, backend and a nginx proxy image which are pushed to an Azure Container Registry (ACR).

A multi-container Azure App Service in Linux has a webhook that is notified when these images are updated and pulls them to this new service.

I accomplished that by creating a "phase" for each.

Here the first phase builds the code in the folder, which is the completed workshop, and produces two artifacts; (Web API app) and (Razor Pages app) Multiple "phases" are built and when the build is initiated, either manually or via trigger (PR or merge), they will can in parallel, sequentially or both depending on the build agent availability and/or dependencies between phases.

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