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After a click on a table cell, its color changes via the javascript script you're seeing below, and I want to update that change to the server-side (i.e.update my array so that next time I run the algorithm, it would take the changes into consideration).I am updating an old classic ASP site to a new 3.5 version.The page has a custom list control which the client (my boss) wants to keep.The conceptual issue is that the array is a mixture of string and ints and I am not sure how to recreate this, so how? Now i want to generate The columns and rows of the Grid View Dynamically and also want to edit and update the created row.

const updated Obj = ; // make final new array of objects by combining updated object.

This list control requires several arrays in order to work correctly.

the array is a multi-dimensional list of publications.

when the user chooses a value from one, I need to go to the db and execute a query, and then populate the 2nd pull down menu with the retrieved would I go about this?

where do I add the listener function that will catch the selection event, and what should go in it?

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