Are diana vickers and eoghan quigg still dating

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Q Radio is based in Northern Ireland with their head office in Belfast.

His show called Sunday Early Riser is on every Sunday between the hours of 2-7am.

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Where does that leave you with regard to that marvellous feeling? Oh sure, there are guitars, but they're really just there to beef things up a bit, it's hardly a triumph of genre-splicing, or, for that matter proof positive that what we have here is a genuine artist whose music cannot be moulded by The Man.Here's an example: suppose you hear a song by an artist you don't know, and it does something marvellous to your insides. They come across brilliantly in the press, and are pretty hot too. Except their music leaves you as it finds you, unchanged and a bit frustrated. How dare indie people attempt to go on the X Factor?And then afterwards you find out it's by someone you've never approved of in the past. Similarly, there are artists whose work should be right up your street. How dare manufactured pop attempt to steal the holy guitar from the hands of real musicians? The thing is, all the musical reference points here are pop.Today we reported how lovebirds Emily Middlemas and Ryan Lawrie are being forced to move in together after both reaching the live finals, despite having only been dating for seven months.These two controversially hooked up despite Chloe having a boyfriend back home (needless to say that didn't last long).

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