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It was graced by many guests including the disabled persons as the main guests.

On this event, the main performers are consists of the disabled persons as well and the Ang Dating Daan Chorale where they sing various gospel songs to praise the LORD GOD Almighty. Thanks and glory to GOD for the 35 years and for many more years in His will.

Historically, Filipinos imbibed some of the dominant religions around the world: Christianity and Islam.

Islam came during 1400s when Arab commercials visited Southeast Asia, while Christianity arrived during the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521.

Religion became a competition of beliefs and a dirty fight for salvation. “There are hypocrites inside, they preach what they don’t actually do, sa sarili nilang paniniwala pilit nilang tinatago yung totoong madudumi sa kanila.” – Amber, 21 – Joyce, 39 There is no perfect religion, they were formed by man and facilitated by man, and it is judged whether an individual becomes fond of its vision, when he or she spiritually grows on the group or becomes actively involved on their practice.

Every religion has its issues, things that occur but they don’t want to admit.

Here are some points, but not all of it: Christianity The domain is divided into many groups, Born again Christians, Roman Catholics, Evangelical, etc.

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It is also another basis for faith and belief, a relief to the wound, and a temporary outlet for tears.Ideally religion was formed to unite faith and unite individuals on a certain group of people, but reality bites the thought that leaders formulated each organization not just to in still doctrinal views of their organizations but also their desires for control and power, the Philippines, being a rich group of islands, was not an exemption to this colonial chain.The citizens even boast that the Philippines is the only Christian-dominant country left around the world, with the highest level of faith on the supreme being they call ‘Christ’.Inilarawan siya na isang MABANGIS, hindi nagbabawa na MAPANIIL na taga-silangan na WALANG PAG-IBIG sa sangkatauhan o hindi mga lalagad ni Mahoma. Ang isa sa PINAKAHIYA-HIYANG UGALI NG RELIHIYON NI MAHOMA AY ANG PAGHAMAK NITO SA KABABAIHAN.ANG MGA BABAE AY ITINUTURING LAMANG NILANG MGA ALIPIN O LARUAN NG MGA LALAKE….” “…

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