Alice dating russia

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Alice is available from the Yandex Search app on i OS and Android and, soon, Yandex Assistant for Windows.Yandex plans on eventually making Alice present in the Yandex.This puts strains on theatre companies and keeps them under threat of funding cuts.“This is useful in the economy, not in theatre,” Mezdrich says.But he remains optimistic about the future of Russian theatre, saying it has historically managed to “adapt to changing conditions”.“It’s like a performance.”Didenko says that he strives for all his works to “reflect the reality” of today’s Russia.But there are topics he steers clear of, such as religion, which he sees as “too sensitive” given Russia’s strict legislation on offending believers.“I rely on my own internal compass, I hope that’s enough,” he says.Nearly every scene is a parody of modern life in the country, from the Caterpillar demanding Alice hand over her identity papers to the Queen of Hearts imposing a ban on “everything”.It is one of many bold performances staged in the Russian capital, where contemporary theatre with a political twist is booming despite a recent crackdown by the authorities.“It’s hard to live in Russia if you have no sense of irony,” the musical’s director Maxim Didenko said.“If you took everything seriously, you could go mad.” Didenko has staged several surprising re-inventions of Russian and Soviet classics — many of them musicals that are elaborately costumed, humorous and often have political undertones.

You leave your coat, take a seat and listen,” he says.

Regarded as the Google of Russia, and simultaneously the greatest threat to Google in Russia, Yandex has an equivalent to nearly every Google service and feature available.

So it was really only a matter of time before it came out with its own Google Assistant counterpart.

Meet Alice (not the Resident Evil Alice), the smart assistant that will perfectly understand you. One of the biggest problems with voice-activated and voice-controlled AI assistants is that they are of course at the mercy of the languages they support.

Not a problem for English (unless you happen to be Samsung), but English is hardly the only language that smartphone users speak.

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