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CJ continued to softly suck on the head, caressing the head with her tongue as she slowly stroked his black cock, squeezing the last bits of cum into her mouth. The limo turned into the Bellagio and Thomas ask CJ if she would like come up to his room for an after dinner drink, but told her the limo was also available to take her to her hotel if she wanted.

His cock-head grew hard and CJ knew he was going to cum.They chatted as they casually walked arm in arm through the casino.They paused at the roulette table and Thomas gave her a hundred dollar chip and told her to play it.She looked to the side as they stopped at yet another traffic light and saw people in the SUV next to them trying to look in the dark windows and wondered if they could see her on her knees, stroking his long hard black cock.Thomas noticed her looking, and asked, "Would it make you hot if they knew you were sucking my cock?

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