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Investigating crimes against children, specifically sexual solicitations, are complicated because not all offenders are contact-driven, meaning they want to meet the minor for sex in the physical world; instead, some offenders are fantasy-driven, in that they are more interested in cybersex and less interested in meeting the minor in the physical world.Thus, the sheer volume of sexual solicitations online makes it difficult for law enforcement to determine whether an offender is contact-driven vs. In order to assist law enforcement with their ability to prioritize cases in which the offender is more likely to be contact-driven, Seigfried-Spellar and colleagues (2017) identified language-based differences in the online chats between minors and arrested contact-driven and fantasy-driven offenders.Self-disclosure is a tactic in which the suspect tries to develop trust by sharing a personal story, which is usually negative, such as parental abuse.“If we can identify language differences, then the tool can identify these differences in the chats in order to give a risk assessment and a probability that this person is going to attempt face-to-face contact with the victim,” Seigfried-Spellar said.You’ll also receive occasional info from my blog, and workshops/classes announcements Visit and like my FB business page for clients kimberlywulfertphd and my Pinterest boards for clients Welcome to my office.Anxiety & Fears Depression & Worry Stress & Fatigue Insomnia Women’s Issues & Transitions Men’s Transitions & Dating Illness or health-related mind-body issues Victims of crime Grief & Loss issues, including pets Welcome, I am Dr.

This digital forensic tool conducts a language-based analysis to determine the likelihood that the offender is contact-driven vs. It is their hope that this tool will assist law enforcement authorities by enabling them to allocate their limited resources to cases at high risk for contact-driven offenses.“That way, officers can begin to prioritize which cases they want to put resources toward to investigate more quickly.” Other standout characteristics of sexual predators grooming victims for a face-to-face meeting is that the chats will often go on for weeks or even months until a meeting is achieved.Those involved in sexual fantasy chatting move on from one youth to another quickly.CATT algorithms examine only the conversation factors and do not take the sex of either suspect or victim into consideration, at this time.The project began with initial research done by Seigfried-Spellar and former Purdue professor Ming Ming Chiu.

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